Who is your favourite actor between Yeo Jin-Goo and Lee Joon-Gi?

Yeo Jin-Goo Vs Lee Joon-Gi:Your Favourite South Korean Actor?

Yeo Jin-Goo and Lee Joon-Gi are stunning South Korean actors who have reached the helm of success for their works.

Yeo Jin-Goo debuted as a child actor and went on to play lead roles in films and TV dramas like A Frozen Flower, Giant, Moon Embracing The Sun etc. He has won many awards for his acting prowess.

Lee Joon-Gi took the limelight in the leading role in The King and the Clown. He has starred in many TV series My Girl, Time Between Dog And Wolf, Scarlet Heart Ryeo etc. He is a superlative actor.

Now who between Yeo Jin-Goo and Lee Joon-Gi is your favourite South Korean actor?

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