Check out these amazing songs by Afrojack that can make you dance instantly!

These Afrojack’s Songs Force You To Instantly Get On The Dance Floor

Nick van de Wall, popularly known as Afrojack, is a renowned Dutch-Surinamese DJ and remixer from Spijkenisse. The DJ is the CEO of LDH Europe as well. Apart from that, he is additionally the founder of the record label, Wall Recordings. He founded it in the year 2007. Later on, in 2014, he made his debut with the album, Forget The World. Afrojack gradually emerged as one of the top DJs in the world with a number of big hits on his list. He was also seen in the monthly magazine of DJs and EDM artists named, DJ Mag.

Afrojack has got a great collection of songs that can make you groove. He has got a big fanbase. His fans totally love his songs. Afrojack’s dance tracks have always been a big hit. There are many songs by him that will surely make you move along with the beats. Afrojack has never disappointed his fans with his fabulous music tracks. The DJ has got a great songs collection that can instantly get you on the dance floor.

Here we have got some of the songs by Afrojack. Listen to them and just dance on the floor with full energy!

  1. Ten Feet Tall (2014)
  2. Turn Up the Speakers (2014)
  3. Rock The House (2012)
  4. Take Over Control (2012)
  5. Can’t Stop Me (2012)
  6. The Way We See The World (2012)
  7. Bangduck (2012)
  8. Give Me Everything (2011)
  9. The Spark (2014)
  10. Summerthing! (2015)