The duo of Ajay-Atul has always given us masterpieces.

Ajay Atul: The Musical Brothers

The Pune-born duo Ajay-Atul, who started working on music without any formal training in music are self-taught artists. They came into limelight for their work in the Marathi film Natrang and Jogwa. They gave one hell of a work for these two movies, making the songs superhits. Ajay-Atul has always given music different from the other. Each of their musical compositions has been unique and different from the last. They have the power to turn any non-music lover to fall in love with their tunes.

Growing up, Ajay-Atul had limited to no access to music. And so they worked on anything that came to their disposal be it a devotional song or Bappi Lahiri. They participated in any musical programs possible and started learning any musical instruments they could lay their hands on. Their budding music days were full of enthusiasm but had no direction.
Today Ajay-Atul has earned quite a name in the industry, though there has been a major change in the music today. They prefer to use their old-fashioned way of composing music. They have given many hits to the industry.

Some of the Ajay-Atul famous tracks include Zingaat, Khel Mandala, Mauli Mauli, Apsara Aali and many more. Tell us which of Ajay-Atul composition is your favorite.

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