YouTube Sensation and talented musician-singer Ashish Dubey is all set to impress everyone with an upcoming love track. This is a huge achievement for the singer as the song will be available in two languages – Hindi and Kannada. The song will feature a well-known actress. Ashish is elated to be a part of such a promising project and talked about the same. Read his Interview on his latest song and about the actress.

How was the experience of working for the love song in Hindi and Kannada language?

It’s always so much challenging and fun. At the same time to sing in multiple languages and a love song is my favourite genre, so I totally enjoyed the process.

Is it a happy, emotional, or intense love song?

This one is intense and has a very catchy melody where listeners would feel the emotion and would definitely remember or miss their loved ones.

Can you give us a hint of who the actress is?

She is one of the top Indian actresses and has worked in regional language films too. And very beautiful.

Ashish knows very well how to surprise his fans always. His YouTube channel is very popular where he keeps sharing amazing mash-up of Hindi-English songs. During the lockdown, he’s entertaining his fans with live home concerts. Soon, he will be doing a mash-up of Punjabi songs too. The singer surely knows how to keep working hard and make a mark for himself everywhere.

Well, just like Ashish Dubey, even we are excited to listen to this love song. His fans must be curious to know who is the gorgeous actress. This has certainly added more excitement for his fans now. After all, love and romantic songs are the best!