MTV Ex or Next is currently marking hurls all the internet. The show features ex-couples, and brings them together in a row, planting them into different situations. What’s more, the show lets the ex-couples know each other from a different perspective altogether and here’s one instance.

A video shared by MTV India, shows Salman Zaidi, ex of Krissann Barretto asking her to sing a Hindi song and then saying that she doesn’t know one. However, Barretto leaves Salman shocked as she begins singing ‘Sham Hai Koi’, and later to this Salman Zaidi said how this was something he never witnessed before when they were in a relationship.

Sharing the insight on social media, MTV India wrote, “Did she prove her ex wrong?
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Here take a look-

A fan watching this wrote, ” Like a Queeeeen ”

A user commented, ” Kitna over acting karte hai ……Hindi song nahi pata …… ” as Salman Zaidi says that Krissann doesn’t know any Hindi song.

A fan later to that wrote, ” Krissann be like surprise mfs”