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Find Out Here: Is BTS's V (Taehyung) Single?

Is BTS’s V (Taehyung) Single?

The BTS boys have been always in limelight for their performance and personal life too. One of the BTS boys V has gained a lot of attention for his personal life. V has got millions of fans across the world, but more are female fans. His charming and adorable face has made every girl have a crush on him.

His fans all around the world are curious to know whether V is single or dating anyone and his current relationship status. Till date there have been many rumours sparked around about V dating one of his fans named as Hi. This started when few of his fans started connecting the dots when V frequently captioned his Instagram pictures as ‘Hi Nuna’. Just when the rumours spread were rapidly a big hit, he stepped in and cleared it by saying that V and Hi were in contact and the two are just good friends.

We need to believe that V is still single and not dating anyone as of till now!

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