Checkout: Is Riyaz Aly Single? Know The Real Truth

Is Riyaz Aly Single? Know The Real Truth

Riyaz Aly a simple boy who rose to fame with his TikTok videos. Riyaz is indeed a sensation for the young girls. The young boy never fails to amaze us with his looks and style. Now TikTok is banned but we can see Riyaz now in music videos and take a look at his wonderful dancing skills. Riyaz is a tough fight for many other TikTokers. Riyaz has revealed that he wants to be a Bollywood actor.

Initially, Riyaz started posting lip-syncs videos and later gained popularity in past few years. He also revealed that he started posting TikTok videos because it was a way to unleash his creative side. Riyaz’s fans also admire him for his sense of style and his fashion instincts. He admires actor Danish Zehen and artist Justin Bieber. He has also collaborated with many celebrities like Neha Kakkar, Avneet Kaur, Jannat Zubair, Faisal Shaikh. Riyaz also works as a model, as well. He did a portfolio shoot with the brand “Celebrity Face.”

Riyaz is the dream boy of many young girls out there. Even though he has millions of followers, Riyaz is still single!

Riyaz jokingly said that he is married to his fans. He says he is currently focusing on work producing content. We can really say that he is in love with his work and is committed and passionate about it.

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