Would Mamta Bannerjee Be Forced To Revise Her Decision On Movie Theatres?Baabul Supriyo Lashes Out

Closed cinema halls should not be opened right now:  Baabul Supriyo

With legendary actor Soumitra Chatterjee testing positive for Covid 19, the entire Bengali film industry is shaken and in disagreement with the Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Bannerjee’s decision to re-open movie theatres from October 1.

Actor and BJP minister Baabul Supriyo says, “I am very worried to know that Soumitrada, given his age. He is a great man with a great mind. The mind plays a great part in the recovery.I am sure he will pull out of this sooner rather than later.”

However, Baabul feels Mamata Bannerjee should revise her decision. “She has always misinterpreted the words and deeds of great men. That’s her forte. There is a wise saying that what Bengal thinks today is what the world thinks tomorrow. However, I don’t think in this case—her decision to re-open movie theatres–is setting the right example. It is nothing but committing hara-kiri.”

Baabul requests the Bengal CM to shut movie theatres again. “Such a populist and anarchic decision should be immediately reversed. I say this, in spite of being a part of the film industry. Open-air theatres should open. Closed cinema halls should not be opened right now when pandemic numbers are surging. Mamata Bannerjee should immediately reverse her decision.”

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