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The singer who has given back to back hit songs to the industry is none other than the authentic singer Rekha Bhardwaj!

Decoding Rekha Bhardwaj’s Inspiring Journey Of Becoming A Chartbuster Queen

The singer who has shook Bollywood with the intensity in her voice, time and again, Rekha Bhardwaj is truly one of a kind in the music industry and we can’t get over how amazing her singing is! And not just her singing and performances today but even her journey of becoming a chartbuster queen is an inspiring one.

She has truly set new records of singing in the industry and her voice is something you can never get over once you have heard it and if you are going to hear her live, then get ready for the best evening ever.
Decoding Rekha Bhardwaj's Inspiring Journey Of Becoming A Chartbuster Queen
When asked if she had always wanted to become a singer, Rekha excitedly says, “Yes, I think I was born to be a singer, as I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else. I had a special liking towards tragic songs.”

Rekha is mostly known for her intense songs with a melancholic twang, and she even admits that she owes it all to Sufi, which also happens to be her favourite genre. “I love the feel of Sufi music. I can listen to it anytime. I delved into the world of Sufism with my first album.” said the singer.

Rekha considers her husband’s influence crucial for her musical journey and says that she’s had her share of struggles too. “Being Mrs. Vishal Bhardwaj might have acted as a catalyst for my work, but I had to fight hard to get what I deserved. It took time to emerge as a full-fledged playback singer, and that, of course, wouldn’t have happened had my husband’s name made things easy for me. He was always an inspiration to me,” said Rekha, who believes that music keeps the couple ‘connected’ and they ‘often make music together’.

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