Hitesh Sharma, a self-taught DJ, was born in Saskatchewan, Canada, to Indian parents from Punjab. As a child, he followed his videographer father to Indian celebrations and weddings.

Tesher, a hip-hop lover, then fused that genre with Bollywood music to create his unique style.

His first taste of internet popularity came in 2019 when he remixed Lil Nas X’s record-breaking Old Town Road, fusing Bollywood song Ramta Jogi from the 1999 film Taal.

Could Jason Derulo be far behind if there’s a viral song going around?

The hitmaker, who is most known for songs like Trumpets and Whatcha Say, as well as the viral TikTok song Savage Love from last year, has now lent his name to yet another famous tune.

Derulo has produced a new version of Jalebi Baby, the Punjabi-English song that was all the rage on TikTok last year, with over 3.1 million videos uploaded.

The original song, written by Canadian rapper and producer Tesher and named after a traditional South Asian dessert, has been played over 100 million times and spent more than 24 weeks at the top of the Official Charts’ Asian Music Top 40.

Tesher revealed the collaboration with Deluro in May 2021, promising fans that “Hindi and Punjabi lyrics are soon to be heard on Top 40 radio all across the world.”

“I can tell you that the summer song of 2021 is basically about an Indian sweet,” he says. “And that has to be worth something,” he said on Instagram.

Derulo has also been promoting the song by uploading videos to TikTok, where he has over 46 million fans.

Source: thenationalnews