Popular singer, songwriter, and dancer Jason Derulo is in demand. He is a pop singer whose song incorporates elements of r&b and hip-hop. Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Usher, Justin Timberlake, Madonna, and Prince are some of his musical influences. He attributes Michael Jackson for making him the celebrity he is now. His ambition was to perform like Michael Jackson. There are numerous hit singles by Jason Derulo. Around the world, he sold over 30 million singles. He has 11 singles with platinum sales. In 2009, Jason Derulo started singing. In 2010, he issued his debut self-titled album. On the r&b charts, the album peaked at number two, while on the Billboard 200 rankings, it peaked at number 11.

Marry Me

“Marry Me” from the Tattoos/Talk Dirty album is the top song on our list of Jason Derulo songs. The music has a pop and r&b feel to it. The meaning of the love song is obvious. Derulo desires to wed the one he loves. Jordin Sparks is mentioned in the song. When he made the song, he was prepared to marry her.

Whatcha say

The number-one single is from Derulo’s self-titled album. Pop and r&b influences may be heard in the song. The autobiographical ballad is about a man who cheated on his fiancée and desperately wanted her back. By believing he can get the lady he loves back after cheating on her, he demonstrates his confidence. The lyrics are current and relatable because people deal with this circumstance.


The album Tattoos/Talk Dirty contains a seductive tune. The song’s beat is pop. The metaphorical love song is about hearing trumpets playing in one’s brain while one is in love. The music has a positive tone. You guessed it, trumpets are featured in the song along with lively drumming.

Want To Want Me

The upbeat song is from the album Everything is 4. The song’s beat is a mix of pop and disco. The obnoxious song is about him desiring the love of his life to desire him once more. The song has two distinct sections. In the verses, he sings of being with the woman; in the chorus, he changes the subject.

In My Head

Rock, dance, pop, and r&b can all be heard in the song. He meets a woman in a pub and wants to take her home with him, according to the catchy song. He wants her to put other men behind her and focus solely on him. Rock and pop elements are blended together in the song.