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Salim Sulaiman is one of the most renowned duos in Indian music industry and we can’t get over just how soulful their music always is!

Indian to western: The musical journey of Salim Sulaiman

Salim Sulaiman, one of the biggest names amongst the music duos of India, are rock stars in the world of Music. Since1997, the duo has been hitting it out of the park with their compositions, successful each time and they haven’t looked back ever since. They were like super novas just waiting to explode, but only in the musical sense in their case.

Salim-Sulaiman gained tremendous fame with their music for movies like Kurbaan and Fashion, and were very well received for their compositions. They have also great contributed on the show Coke Studio and their symphonies and musical notes are so melodious, one can’t help but fall in love with the soothing tune and lyrics. According to this duo, having a father who was a great composer and leading Ismaili Scouts Orchestra, they felt he was their idol and since childhood they were playing with musical instruments. It is almost like music was in their blood and this is what they were meant to do all their life; made for the music industry don’t you think?
Indian to western: The musical journey of Salim Sulaiman
Throughout their life, they have studied music of all genres and attempted to be well-versed and gain as much knowledge as they possibly could. From Indian to western music, and from guitar and piano todrums and bongos, they are savvy with every genre, every style and every instrument, with the same ease and comfort like always.

Salim Sulaiman are without a doubt an ecstatic duo, who has enchanted one and all with their composition and are very well respected in the music world. Fans are always eager to know when they are coming out with the next big thing, and are geared up in advance to be the first ones to hear what this duo composes next!

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