A tribute to the Indian Armed Forces and their families

9XM On Stage with Salim-Sulaiman

To celebrate the Republic Day week, 9XM – India’s most popular Bollywood music destination announced the launch of 9XM On Stage a splendid musical night created in honour of the Indian Armed Forces. 9XM On Stage with popular music composer duo Salim–Sulaiman, was held at the Army grounds, Colaba, Mumbai on 23rd January 2019 at 6 pm. The musical concert was attended by over three & half thousand people all of whom belong to the Indian Armed Forces.

9XM On Stage with Salim-Sulaiman concert also had popular Bollywood singer Jonita Gandhi, singer Raj Pandit, Indian Idol winner Vipul Mehta and the very famous Manganiyars from Rajasthan, entertaining the audience.

Commenting on the musical concert, Punit Pandey, Chief Business Officer, 9X Media Pvt. Ltd. said, “At 9X Media we continue to deliver a SHAANDAAR experience to our viewers through our television screens. This has led our viewers to bookmark our Channels as their favourite music destinations. Likewise, with 9XM On Stage we are set to bring the same experience on ground. 9XM On Stage celebrates the best of Bollywood music through large scale live events. We are pleased to partner with the talented music composers Salim and Sulaiman Merchant. The concert is our tribute to the Indian Armed Forces who have been sacrificing their lives for our Nation. Through the concert, we planned to bring a smile on the faces of the Indian Armed Forces and their family members. We are thankful to Salim-Sulaiman and their team who enthralled the audiences with their melodious and catchy numbers. Going forward, our patrons can look out for more grand musicals under 9XM On Stage.”

Speaking about the concert, Salim-Sulaiman said “We are grateful to 9XM for bringing together such a musical night for the Indian Armed forces and their family members. Our Nation’s borders are safe because of our soldiers who undergo many hardships to provide us a safe and secure environment across our Country. It was an honour to dedicate an evening of music and entertainment as a tribute and thanksgiving to armed forces and make it a night for everyone to Remember.”

9XM has associated with SOL Productions to create an exclusive episode of 9XM On Stage with Salim Sulaiman concert. The hour-long episode will be aired on 9XM and 9X Jalwa around the second week of February.

Speaking of the special evening Brigadier Ashish Ahuja said “We are pleased that 9XM has taken an initiative to honour the armed forces with such an extravagant show. It was a rare occasion where the Armed Forces personnel and their families could together watch a live Bollywood musical concert. We would also like to express our gratitude towards all the musicians who had put together such a splendid and extravagant evening for us. 9XM On Stage with Salim Sulaiman was a treat designed for the Armed forces and this has definitely resonated with the audience.”

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