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Everyone earns a title and the Daughter of the Nation title given to Lata Mangeshkar is something that she deserved

Lata Mangeshkar- India’s most beloved voice after the late Mohammed Rafi

It is no secret that Lata Mangeshkar is one of the best and most loved singers of all time. The all-time legend Mohammad Rafi will always be on the top but after him, it is Lata didi who stands and there’s no denying that she’s the very best.

Lata Mangeshkar came into the cinematic world as a means of earning bread and butter for her whole family after her father’s death. And she became the voice of the music industry. There was no other amazing singer like her. She sang each of her songs with love and tenderness.

Throughout her journey, Lata Mangeshkar has earned quite a lot of awards and recognition. She was also called the Nightingale of India. She surely did monopolize the Bollywood music industry. Whenever Lata Mangeshkar used to sing, she did it with breathtaking ease and there’s no exception to it. In most cases, there were no retakes as well, as sometimes she didn’t even rehearse. Despite all that, she managed to deliver one after another superhit.

Isn’t Lata Mangeshkar truly appreciated after the legend Mohammad Rafi?

For more, here are a few of her amazing songs that would do the talking.

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