She is a dynamic performer capable of different and hard roles ranging from the charismatic singing voice and humorous characters of Rossini to the lyrical and sensual Carmen. She is often recognized for her dramatic voice and unusual timbre. The Kelly Clarkson Show, Clarkson’s daytime talk show, premiered in September 2019. Since then, she’s earned a slew of Daytime Emmy Awards. In addition, she is a judge on The Voice.

We bring to you the best songs by Kelly Clarkson to give you a pump start to the day.

  1. Already Gone – Though the poignant ballad was criticized in 2009 because of its resemblance to Beyoncé’s blockbuster single “Halo,” Clarkson’s admirers today praise it for its sympathetic lyrics and as one of her most vocally stunning tracks from the All I Ever Wanted album.
  2. Mr. Know It All – The lead track from Clarkson’s 2011 album Stronger, Know It All was a top-10 success. This is the perfect tune to blast in response to anyone in your life who thinks they know more than you do.
  3. Heartbeat song – The lovely storyline behind this 2015 dance tune is even better than the happy atmosphere. It’s Clarkson’s first single since the birth of her daughter River Rose Blackstock.
  4. Love so soft – Clarkson taps into a more jazz-influenced, soul-infused sound with her 2017 lead song from her eighth album, Meaning of Life. It portrays Clarkson as the powerful and confident lady fans have come to expect from her throughout her career.
  5. Catch My Breath – While Clarkson has a plethora of upbeat, optimistic songs to pick from, this 2012 gem is one of her greatest in the uplifting genre.
  6. Beautiful Disaster – We’ve all wanted someone who isn’t good for us, and Clarkson sings of her struggle to resist a specific “beautiful disaster” who won’t change his bad-boy ways. Breakaway featured a live rendition performed on piano.