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Which phase of Miley do you like? The THEN girl-next door version of her or NOW fashion icon Miley?

Miley Cyrus’ Transformation From A Girl-Next-Door To A Fashion Icon Can’t Be Missed

All the Hollywood stars have gone through transformation but Miley Cyrus’s transformation can blow your mind up.

The renowned singer and actress from the Disney show, Hannah Montana has grown a lot in he pop music industry. Miley Cyrus is loved by her fans. She has gone through a huge transformation. From her fashion to her songs, everything has changed.

She got a complete transformation after she chopped off her hair and got it blonde. Who knew the simple adorable girl will go wild hot suddenly? Her transformation took place in several stages. Miley was simple with her clothing. She grew her popularity and fame day-by-day. The star went raunchy and sassy. Her performances and appearances are too seductive and hot to handle, now.

Miley is no more a girl-next-door but a fashion icon today.

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