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Looking for a great road trip playlist? Then, these Miley Cyrus’s songs are perfect for it!

Miley Cyrus’s Best Road Trip Playlist!

Many of us like to travel and visit a new destination. But did you ever feel bored, during a long road trip? Well, road trips are interesting and exciting when we have friends with us, but that’s not all to keep us enjoyable. A perfect road trip playlist is as essential as your luggage is. Thus, here we are with the best list of songs by the super talented singer, Miley Cyrus.

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Miley Cyrus has got a number of hit albums, and her songs are really energetic. She is the perfect music artist, who can keep you enthusing, all throughout your journey. We assure you, that her songs are good enough to make your travel playlist more enthralling. Listen to them up, and add to your playlist, right now! Happy listening!

1. We Can’t Stop (2013)

2. Slide Away (2019)

3. Party In U.S.A (2009)

4. The Climb (2009)

5. Fly On The Wall (2008)

6. Wrecking Ball (2013)

7. When I Look At You (2009)

8. Malibu (2017)

9. 7 Things (2008)

10. Hoedown Throwdown (2009)

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