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Want to know how well you know Naomi Scott, take this quiz to find out.

Are You A Real Fan Of Aladdin’s Jasmine Fame Naomi Scott? Take This Special Quiz And Check Your Score

Naomi Scott is a well known English actress, she is acclaimed for playing the role of Princess Jasmine in the film ’Aladdin’. The 26-year-old actress has managed to successfully forge her singing career, become a well-known face in the fashion industry and is friends with Will Smith. What a great achievement right? Our girl is definitely an overachiever. We all love Naomi and no matter what you can’t deny it, do you consider yourself a fan take this quiz to find out how much you know about the princess.

1.You might know that Naomi stared in the Power Rangers movie but do you which ranger did she played? Was it red, pink or blue ranger?
2.What is the name of the series in which Naomi got her first major acting role?
3.Which award did Naomi win in 2019?
4.Naomi Scott is part Indian, from who do you think does she get her Indian roots… her Mother or Father?
5.What are the names of the two singles album that Noami released during the peak of her music career?

So did you past the test to be her number one fan or are you struggling to get there. Don’t worry we got you, just keep checking our post for more information and fun quizzes on your favourite celebrity.

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