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Miley Cyrus is unique in her own way. Some call her crazy and some adore her to their heart. We are here with some reasons why she is different from others. Check them out!

This Is What Sets Miley Cyrus Apart From Her Contemporaries

Miley Cyrus is well known since Disney’s Hannah Montana (2006-2011) days when she played the role of Miley Stewart. She stepped the pop music industry by making her songs hit from the show. She has later released many of her singles like Party In U.S.A (2009), which made her career boost up to a great hight.

Miley is also a humanitarian who has associated with many NGOs and organizations like Red Cross and Amnesty International. She is a melodious singer who has got a lot of fame from her songs. From Fly On The Wall (2008) to Slide Away (2019), she has made her audience connect to her songs. Her song, Wrecking Ball (2013) was quite controversial but one of her best songs. The song brought her several awards.

Well, the singer has been a bit different from other pop stars. Her both on-stage performance and music videos contain her raunchy and sexualizing appearance. She is bold and is ready to show off her body. Her appearance is what seeks the attention of everyone. From a girl next door to a hot diva, she has changed herself. Some people call her weird and some love her. Miley is undoubtedly talented and these are the reasons why she is different from her contemporaries.

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