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Kun Faya Kun singer Mohit Chauhan is a total treat to watch when he performs live and it’s definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Watching the Rockstar Mohit Chauhan live should be on your bucket list

If you are looking to let loose from your busy schedule with some soothing and melodious songs then Mohit Chauhan would definitely be your go-to singer. However, if you want a little more than that then seeing him perform live is exactly what you need! He gained fame with his songDoobaDooba and has never looked back since then. We love all the soundtracks he has sung in various Bollywood movies to date, to the core!

Mohit Chauhan is truly a rockstar in every sense. His style and unique way of performing leave us with a feeling that is nothing less of pure ecstasy. He doesn’t use mixing much in his playbacks and that’s exactly how we like his singing, uncut and natural. And it is this quality of his that makes his live concerts an absolutely treat for the ears.

We have all listened to Mohit Chauhan’s magical performances on the small screen or even our radio sets but believe us when we say that it is a whole other experience to feel it in his live concerts. His live concerts will resonate with you in ways even you couldn’t imagine and his soulful voice hits all the rights chords in our hearts. You’ll get to witness firsthand the magical excellence that is Mohit Chauhan, and we guarantee you that his concert experience will stay back with you for life.

But his performances are extremely rare and it’s more so if you’re from a small town. So note down this in your bucket list and make it a point to mark his concert dates in your calendar any time he is performing even in a nearby city. Trust us, it is completely worth the trip and then some!

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