Check out our list of best Hollywood songs around depression

10 Hollywood Songs On Depression

Depression and mental health is one subject that has been ignored in our society for the longest time. In today’s time and age where every individual is busy and engrossed in their own lives, we have to a great extent forgotten the fact that we humans are known as ‘social beings’, which means that we are a part of the society and hence we have certain responsibilities to discharge towards our fellow humans who are a part of the same society. After all, it doesn’t take more than one minute to reach out to someone and just simply ask him/her whether he or she is fine or not.

While it might be just another message to you, for the depressed soul, it can mean the whole world as it gives them a feeling that they are loved and are important. Music and books are often the getaways for many to battle the serious disorder of depression and hence today, we are here to bring to you 10 of the best Hollywood songs that deal with depression and mental health. Check out the list below –

Anything worth holding onto

Be still

Paint it black


Dark come soon

Save Myself

True Love Waits

Breaking Down

Listen Before I Go

Let Me Die

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