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Fall in Love with these spectacular tracks by Alka Yagnik

5 Alka Yagnik’s Love Songs That Make Us Swoon

Alka Yagnik has sung several tracks that are acclaimed and to date full of heart worldwide. She has a great voice and has won the hearts of the masses. Throughout her career, she has won several acclamation and recognition for the immense contribution to the music industry. During the 90s, Alka Yagnik alongside Udit Narayan or Kumar Sanu has always been a pure hit. Together they have delivered some fantastic songs.

Alka Yagnik made a vast and beautiful contribution to the music industry. Her songs have been filled with grace and glory. She indeed has left a considerable expectation to the fans from today’s singers. Many of her tracks though decades old are being heard and celebrated to date. She has also worked with legends like Kishore Kumar.

Alka Yagnik was considered to be the voice of Madhuri Dixit for the majority of her time. She has sung several tracks for Madhuri Dixit’s films. And so it was assumed that she had become the voice of Madhuri. They perfectly matched and synced, making the song look more realistic. Alka Yagnik has sung for many other notable actresses like Aishwarya Rai, Preity Zinta, and many others. The true contribution of Alka Yagnik has been immense and praise-worthy. Here are some of the best love songs brought to life by Alka Yagnik.

Dil Laga Liya

Kuch Toh Hone Laga

Odhani Odh Ke Nachu

Laal Dupatta

Zindagi Ban Gaye

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