Songs that missed the mark by Lata Mangeshkar are truly addicting

5 Underrated Lata Mangeshkar Songs

Lata Mangeshkar is a huge blessing to the music industry. She revolutionized the music industry with her voice that fit into almost every genre. But there are times when not all your tracks get the deserved attention no matter how popular you are. And the same happened with Lata didi.

As new songs were released, every singer is trying to compete in making their track the best. There were instances when a few worth songs were lost in time. Many times, they did not get the due credit then, and therefore not many might have heard about those songs. Lata Mangeshkar is the legend of the music industry, but unfortunately, many of her songs could claim limited success.

For whatsoever reason, the songs faded away with time. They still are worth a second chance. Here are some of the best Lata Mangeshkar tracks that are mind-blowingly spectacular but did not get the due attention.

Nanha Mora Dole

Aaj Ki Raat

Sapna Ban Saajan Aaye

Jaa Jaa Re Chanda Jaa Re

Airanchya Deva Tula

These are some of the best songs by Lata Mangeshkar that need to be added to the playlist and given a second chance.

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