Top 5 songs by Abhijeet Bhattacharya that will never be forgotten and the essence be replaced

Abhijeet Bhattacharya’s 5 Memorable Songs

Abhijeet Bhattacharya made our childhood very incredible with his blissful melodies. He is also popularly known as Abhijeet as he has sung more than six thousand songs in more than thousands of films. He was one of the prominent singers in the Bollywood music industry, mostly known for his playback voice for Shah Rukh Khan. He has won several awards and recognition and sung for Shah Rukh for a long time. Because of some differences between the two for Main Hoon Na and Om Shanti Om, the last song he has sung for Shah Rukh Khan was for film Billu Barber.

Abhijeet Bhattacharya has sung quite some songs for both Hindi films as well as non-filmy songs. No matter what genre he happened to voice, each of his melodies was and to date is immaculate. It also has worked with several well-known faces of the Bollywood music industry. He is one of the best voice we had and were blessed to listen growing up.

No matter how old the songs get, some of Abhijeet’s songs would evoke the same memories and nostalgic feeling years and decades later as they did back then. Some of the iconic songs that every millennial and gen Z loves listening to and inevitably starts tapping their feet are mentioned below.

Suno Na Suno Na

Roshni Se

Tauba Tumhare Yeh Ishare

I’m The Best

Tumhe Jo Maine Dekha

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