The doll-faced sugar Dhvani Bhanushali has given us many incredible songs. Here are a few that you need to add on to your playlist

Best of Dhvani Bhanusali Music that you need to add to your playlist now!

Dhvani Bhanushali is 21 years old and her songs are oh such fun. She has ad an impactful impression just at the age of 21. She might have been killing it since the age of 13 and she is now an amazing singer with soothing vocals. Though singing is something that happened out of blue for her, she is a pro at it and knows how to do it right setting the perfect mood.

Dhvani Bhanushali is not just young by age but also by heart and so the tenderness in her voice works like magic for the listeners. So here are a few add-on to your playlist that will make you sing along.

Bekhayali Acoustic,



Tere Mere Acoustic,

Na Ja Tu,

Leja Re,




Aren’t these tracks amazing? Dhvani Bhanushali has a rockstar bubbling in her and she is sure to make herself one.

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