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Lata Mangeshkar has given us many hits to last a lifetime and will always be remembered for generations to come

Best Evergreen Sad Songs Of Lata Mangeshkar

With Lata Mangeshkar on our playlist, let’s get on our time machine and take a ride of a wonderful era when music had true meaning and essence to it. When Lata Mangeshkar made listening to music soothing, divine and euphonious with her voice.

There was a time when Lata Mangeshkar had monopolized the whole of the music industry with her voice. Every film director wanted to work with her. She had impressed with her songs on pain, heartbreak, love, happiness and many other emotions that had us hooked to didi’s voice.

Old songs from Lata Mangeshkar’s times are even more popular today and speak a language that connects with the heart of the listeners. Here are a few of Lata Mangeshkar’s sad songs that are sure to evoke painful memories, though it wouldn’t be a total justice to all her songs, as we will be mentioning only a few. Do mention your favorite in the comments section below.

Ae Watan Ke Logon – if not this song, then there won’t be any other song that will make you emotional and give you goosebumps all over.

Ehsaan Tera Hoga – the male version was sung by Mohammed Rafi. This song just makes you appreciate all the things your better half has done for you.

Do Dil Toote – this song gives you not just the feel of heartbreak but also makes you feel the pain and longing.

Yeh Dil Aur Unki Nigahon Ke Saaye – no words, just feel the feeling that you get with this song. When was the last time you heard this song?

Rangeela Re – with every beat and as the song goes further, it gets us trapped in this one. The song and the expression of the actress reveal so much pain in her eyes.

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