The melody queen Alka Yagnik and her songs will be fine dining for generations to come

These Evergreen Songs Prove Alka Yagnik Is A True Melody QUEEN!

One song and the whole wall of nostalgia will come crashing down and that is what happens when we listen to the singer we all grew up listening to. Yes, the melody queen Alka Yagnik has her voice par excellence. She is the one who could get all bubbly feeling out of the person.

Alka Yagnik has given us a pot filled with passion and love treasures. Throughout her career, she has worked with several well-known composers as well as many singers. Also has sung in several Indian languages. And for all her achievements, she has been awarded and recognized with numerous awards.

Here are some of her topping tracks that we all need to listen to

Ek Do Teen,

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai,

Ghoongat Ki Aad Se,

Choli Ke Peeche,

Taal Se Taal,

O Re Chhori

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