Check out All the piercings and tattoos of SEVENTEEN members below

The majority of the members of SEVENTEEN have at least one piercing, and many have more, despite the fact that few of them have tattoos.

Joshua Hong

Joshua is a boy who has several body piercings. He has cartilage, a high lobe, a mid lobe, and a low lobe piercing on his left ear, totaling four piercings. On his right ear, he has a low lobe that is usual and a mid lobe.

Choi Seungcheol

The two piercings on the leader, S.Coups, are both in his left ear. The first is a typical low lobe, whereas the second is a mid lobe.

Kwon Soonyoung

On each ear, Hoshi has two standard low lobe piercings. We don’t know why, but We genuinely think it’s lovely that Soonyoung only wears one at a time.

Xu Minghao

With two low lobes and one high lobe on each ear, Minghao has a total of six, the same number as Joshua. It amuses us that the two boys who have the most innocent-appearing piercings are also the ones who have the most of them.

Wen Junhui

We can’t locate a picture of Jun’s or any other lobe piercings, but he does have two of them.

Kim Mingyu

Mingyu isn’t a total rebel, though. He got temporary tattoos, much like his elder. However, he appears to have another on the left side of his neck. He had one diamond, some form of an inscription on his chest, an arrow through a diamond on his outer forearm.

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