Vote the best lead female voice between Alka Yagnik and Lata Mangeshkar

Lata Mangeshkar VS Alka Yagnik: Who is Your Favorite Female Lead Singer?

A voice that is the gift of nature, which became a massive success with a lot of hard work and perseverance, is Lata Mangeshkar. She worked hard since she started working at the age of 13. After having been rejected several times, today she has become The Nightingale of India as well as a most celebrated and respected artist worldwide. A voice that took us to the new spirited music industry. She surely is the leading lady and voice in the music industry and will have no replacement.

Lata Mangeshkar’s some of the most essential and heartwarming contributions like Tere Liye, Lag Ja Gale, Humko Humise Churalo, Dafli Wale Dafli Baja are some of her great songs out of thousands of others, she has sung.

Alka Yagnik was the lead artist from the 90s. Though she cannot be compared to Lata Mangeshkar surely, Alka Yagnik also had a great voice and was a great contributor to the music industry. With some iconic tracks like Taal Se Taal, Ek Do Teen, Na Na Karte Pyar, and many more. Alka Yagnik has been a favorite singer of many since her debut. She has received many awards and recognized in the music industry for her work.

As a lead singer, Alka Yagnik is a very versatile and can hold the listeners tapping their feet. Her voice was the one we all grew up listening to and is truly hard to miss. She gave us a new and different exciting musical experience as the lead lady. She indeed has been the best lead female singers in the industry.

Who is your favorite lead lady in the music industry between Lata Mangeshkar and Alka Yagnik? Vote Now.

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