Lata Mangeshkar version of the song or Harry Anand's version, which one is the best?

Lata Mangeshkar Vs Harry Anand: Which Kaliyon Ka Chaman Version You Liked?

This infamous song Thoda Resham Lagta Hai was sung by the Melody Queen, Lata Mangeshkar. It was from the movie Jyoti (1981). The song didn’t get much attention then and was rather considered to be obscene for more than two decades after its release.

Though today it has been considered to be an amazing song. With nothing obscene but a beautiful track back then, it was highly controversial. After a few decades, it grabbed major attention and got all the credits it deserved after it was used by Indian music director as Kaliyon Ka Chaman for Universal Music India album. So the song from Thoda Resham Lagta Hai became well known as Kaliyon Ka Chaman.

Which version do you like more? The one that caused huge chaos in the music industry sung by Lata Mangeshkar or the remade one by Harry Anand?

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