Though it is the voice that is being compared tell us who had a greater impact on the industry? Lata Mangeshkar vs Noorjehan

Lata Mangeshkar Vs Noorjehan: Rate the best voice quality?

Lata Mangeshkar became the daughter of the nation with her melodious voice. Her voice has become a vital asset to your playlist and music industry.

Some Lata Mangeshkar’s songs that would never be forgotten are Jiya Jale, Meri Bindiya Re, Ae Mere Watan Ke Logon and many thousands of amazing more.

Talking about Noorjehan, people still wonder and ask the question of what would have been happened if she would not have left. In 1947, Noorjehan was at the peak of her career when she left for Pakistan. She has a voice that was as beautiful as a cuckoo singing. A voice that had a magical grasp over people. Her voice was like honey to ears and people would go crazy for her to sing.

Tell us who had the best voice that would leave us all in awe? Lata Mangeshkar or Noorjehan.

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