Make your boring lockdown a better one with these good Lata Mangeshkar's tracks

Lata Mangeshkar’s songs to make your lockdown special

We all are locked at home most of the time, and all we hear are the gloomy news of rising cases or something new every equally depressing day. But when people listen to good music, it not just enhances their mood but also keeps the environment around them jolly. Music has the power to change our attitude.

While we all have been quarantined for several weeks, it has not just turned depressing, but also many are experiencing mental stress. Songs will not only change your mood but also set the environment and soothe our minds.

At some point, you might feel like you need to chill and need some mental space. And to calm yourself, all you need is some excellent tracks by Lata Mangeshkar. She will not just give unique music therapy but also give you excellent ‘me time’. Her melody will help you and enhance your mood while at quarantine.

Hasta Hua Noorani Chechra

Raina Beeti Jaye

Sharm Aati Hai Magar

Na Koi Umang Hai

Jhilmil Sitaron Ka Aangan

Bhai Bhatur

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