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Lata Mangeshkar and her iconic songs we all love to listen. But would you like a remake?

These Lata Mangeshkar’s Songs that We Wish Would Make A REMAKE

Right now there is one thing trending in the Bollywood industry and that is having a remake of old classic songs. And that is surely happening for a long time but the remake might have become a kind of a trend in the past few years. Every iconic song was reprised with a modern touch. From Lata Mangeshkar’s voice to Kishore Kumar, everyone had their share of their songs being remade.

But if you get a choice to have any of the songs being remitted with a modern touch, would you accept it? Would you wish for it and want it? The good old song made with modern technologies and so a bit of remixing. A lot more electronic music to it and an amazing artist to sing the song. Well, why not?
Lata Mangeshkar has given us some incredible tracks. And there are many of her beautiful songs that we do deserve to listen to a remake of. Contemporary music twist with new actors making some moves on those. Sure they would be a major hit.

Here are a few of Lata Mangeshkar’s tracks that deserve a remarkable remake

Lag Ja Gale,

Dekha Ek Khwab,

Dil Ki Nazar Se,

Lukka Chuppi,

Suhani Raat

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