Some heart-wrenching songs by Lata Mangeshkar and Mohammed Rafi that are wonderful

Mohammed Rafi And Lata Mangeshkar’s Saddest Evergreen Songs Collection!

It is okay to cry oneself to sleep. It is okay to feel things and cry or sometimes feel weak. This quarantine we all have been not just affected physically, but numerous people have been going through mental stress as well. We live in times where crying or feeling sad is seen as a sign of weakness. But on the contrary, it makes you stronger.

We all feel blue now and then because we belong to a world where everyone is selfish. We are always bound to get betrayed or hurt or sometimes feel bad for no reason. There could be times when waking up in the morning gets difficult. Not every day is filled with sunshine and rainbows for everyone. And these are the times when we always look forward to trying to skip these hard feelings making ourselves feel better and smile. But that is difficult one cannot escape times like these. But surely a thing that could work is listening to some good music. Though you can’t skip certain feelings surely, you can skip your tracks and listen to the one you wish to.

Many singers have tried to put the pain, agony, and sadness into words and convey them through songs. But not everyone has been able to get the right words and emotions together. But the one duo who were perfect and their sad tracks will remain evergreen forever are Lata Mangeshkar and Mohammed Rafi. They have sung some outstanding songs for everyone to relate to the pain they are feeling.

Yeh Dil Tum Bin Kahin Lagta Nahi

Aaja Teri Yaad Aayi

Aya Sawan Jhoom Ke

Tere Merw Yarane Ho

Wada Karle Sajna Tere Bina

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