Here's the mystery behind Pamela Anderson's popularity and being called as the Woman of Mystery

Pamela Anderson to be called as International Woman of Mystery

Heads always turn whenever Pamela Anderson enters the room. She has been the famous face of the Baywatch series and is also familiar with her numerous affairs. She became a face and name known right from attending Donald Trump’s birthday bash to meeting with Vladimir Putin.

Pamela Anderson has crossed 50 years of age; she still manages to make a huge impact on the people. She looks like a Hollywood diva, and no one can deny. She has made friends with many politically influential people. She has transformed into an activist who has been invited to several venues as a speaker.

When we call Pamela Anderson, the mystery woman, it is because of many questioning relationships that she has ever had. From dismissing the question if she and Russian President Vladimir Putin dated, to another relationship with Julian Assange, who is the originator of WikiLeaks. Another biggest mystery surrounding her is how she got herself associated with the world’s most wanted hacker.

From appearing on covers of Playboy magazine to now suddenly being the center of geopolitical news is what will always remain a mystery. Though we claim to know a lot about Pamela Anderson, there is still too much-kept undercover. She will forever remain the International Mystery Woman.

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