Listen to the velvet voice of Gajendra Verma.

Songs of Gajendra Verma that will blow your mind

The god-gifted voice of Gajendra Verma, has helped him to awe the music industry with his hit songs. The singer came into the limelight in 2008, when his song “Tune Mere Jaana” titled “Emptiness” had become so popular.

His most popular song “Tera Ghata” was a landmark song in the music industry. He has been giving strong competition with his relatable lyrics, realistic music videos and his beautiful voice. The video has been viewed more than 450 million times.

Teenagers have been grooving to his tunes since the time he has started. He has been on loop on our mobile playlists since a long time.

The mesmerising voice of Gajendra Verma will make you realise that he has a unique voice, different than the male singers in the industry, which has paved way for his success.

He rose to fame after his song Tera Ghata, which gave a boost to his career. He has been performing concerts all around India.

Let’s hear his voice, which has the ability to hypnotise us.

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