These unconventional styles by Miley Cyrus can inspire you to try them out. Have a look!

Steal These 5 Unconventional Looks From Miley Cyrus’s Closet

Miley Ray Cyrus has always kept us excited with her preppy and sultry appearances in the crown. The pop singer is well known since the American TV show, Hannah Montana (2006). The beauty has gone through a huge fashion evolution. Miley has inspired masses with her bold and fashionable styles. She has made fashion statements a lot of times with her classy and sassy looks. Miley Cyrus has made a lot of controversies and headlines with her fashion styles.

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The actress has also been spotted in unconventional and abstract looks. Be it a red-carpet or her appearance in a music video, she has always experimented with herself. Here are the top 5 looks by Miley that can leave you stunned. Take a look!

1.      Her Met Gala look in 2019 was really unique. She appeared in a one-shouldered green and black mini dress by Saint Laurent.

2.      She was once spotted in a white and black scarp top with black pants and red boot on the streets of NYC.

3.      Miley once followed the unconventional denim trend in a party. She wore denim jeans with a bra top and a glossy leather jacket.

4.      The singer has also appeared in really cool attires. She once wore a bohemian style costumed jacket with a tee and printed pants.

5.      She looked really dope in the printed funky jumpsuit with a denim jacket as casual streetwear.

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