How did Lata Mangeshkar dig her way up to such colossal greatness? Here's a story we all need to know

Story Behind Lata Mangeshkar’s Musical Journey

Let’s get some spotlight on the legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar and her family. How she commenced her musical journey towards success. Here’s a small sneak a peek into the life of Lata Mangeshkar and her musical family.

Lata Mangeshkar was the daughter of Deenanath Mangeshkar. He taught her singing since her childhood days. Lata Mangeshkar had her roots in music because her father himself was a performer. And Lata Mangeshkar as a kid used to perform in his musical plays. Being the eldest, Lata Mangeshkar had a young brother Hridaynath Mangeshkar and three other sisters Asha Bhosle, Meena Khadikar, and Usha Mangeshkar.

At the age of 13, Lata Mangeshkar lost her father and the backbone of the family. It was a huge loss, and so Lata Mangeshkar had to herself stand firm becoming the pillar for the family. She started earning and took up an acting job in Marathi cinema from the reference to her father’s friend. Later, when she tried to sing her voice was said to be too nasal and soft. Hence, she was rejected by many. Finally, she got her break and today has become not just a legend but also a pioneering figure of the music industry with an immense contribution.

Lata Mangeshkar has been crowned the Nightingale of India and The Daughter of Nation as she was awarded the highest civilian award for India by the government. Throughout her career, she received many awards and achievements not just from India but worldwide. She was the first singer to perform in London.

Lata Mangeshkar has given quite a memorable contribution to the country in the form of varied music. Bollywood is truly blessed with such great works by Lata Mangeshkar that will be immortal forever.

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