Pick up a song by Pritam Chakraborty that relates to you the most

Take A Quiz To Know Which Pritam Chakraborty’s Song Speaks To Your Soul

Pritam is one of the top-ranking music directors of the Bollywood music industry. He is an incredible music director, composer, and more. Having contributed to more than 100 films since 2001, he has received a tremendous amount of fame.
Pritam is the most versatile artist in the industry and has worked with every type of song. From romantic to sad and the party, he has given every possible melody to match our mood. Take up a quick quiz and answer the first song by Pritam that comes to your mind.

• Pickup a piece that you will use as your favorite pickup line to impress your crush?

• Your mom is scolding your younger/older sibling; what will be the background theme?

• If you had an opportunity to listen to this Pritam Chakraborty’s song for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

• If you have a choice to pick a song to play every time you wake up, which one would you choose?

• Which is your iconic Pritam Chakraborty’s line that will forever be stuck in your mind?

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