Miley Cyrus is not only a great singer but also an elegant dancer. We show you her dance moves.

Times When Miley Cyrus Made Us Go Crazy Over Her Dance Moves

Miley Cyrus the American singer and song writer has been part of the pop culture for long and h as gained name and fame. She has been ranked well for her numbers at the Billboard Hot 100. Her singles He Could Be The One, Can’t Be Tamed, Younger Now, We Can’t Stop, Malibu, The Climb etc have all been chart busters.

Cyrus has also made appearances in TV and films and has unleashed yet another persona of hers.

In addition to this, she is a style diva and her dance moves on the stage are mesmerizing and stunning to the core. Her poise while singing, her body language, her zeal with songs and her energy levels are unmatched.

We tell you how good a dancer she is with these dance moves of Miley Cyrus.

Her dance with the pole, her expressions while dancing, her swift moves, leg and hand positioning are superb.

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