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Best of best Marathi tracks from the one and only leading singer Lata Mangeshkar that you need to listen

Top 10 Marathi Songs of Lata Mangeshkar you shouldn’t miss hearing

The Daughter of India needs no introduction, Lata Mangeshkar is a name that is known to almost every other person and one who is not aware as to who she is, needs a reality check. She was an integral part of the music industry and her songs are something that needs no reason to listen. She had the music industry due to her charming voice. She has sung not just Hindi songs but also in many other regional languages. And each of her songs are perfectly delivered masterpieces.
Lata Mangeshkar’s voice will always be on the top and here we have listed some of the best tracks that were sung by Lata didi in Marathi. They are something to groove on and just amazing.
Chafa Bolena

• Bai Bai Mann Moracha

• Mendichya Panavar

• Meee Raat Thakli

• Vadal Vara Sutala Ga

• Shodhu Mee Kuthe

• Airanichhya Deva Tula

• Mogara Phulala

• De Re Kanha Cholian Lugadi

• Majhiya Nayananchya Kondani

These are the amazing top 10 vocals by Lata Mangeshkar for you to enjoy. Tell us your favorite Lata Mangeshkar track that she has sung in Marathi.

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