Make your friendship bond secure with these fantastic tracks by Lata Mangeshkar

Top 5 Lata Mangeshkar’s FRIENDSHIP Songs

Friendship is magic. It can do wonders if you have few yet genuine friends who care for you. They are the ones who can get you through your lousy breakup, make your gloomy day bright but also can drive you to the verge of insanity.

But friends are the most necessary part of everyone’s life, and not everyone is fortunate enough to have real friends. They are like your lifelines and always one call away. A true friend will pull you out of your misery and help you plot against your ex. Not just that, they are the ones to go on with your all stupid crazy ideas.

It is always an annoying package with all the other necessary qualities that a friend has. We can’t decide how a real friend should be. They are embedded with everything, so sometimes they feel annoying, but deep inside, you know you love them.

You cannot have a perfect friend, but you can always have a perfect playlist to celebrate and dedicate to your buddy. Here are some ideal tracks by Lata Mangeshkar that she has sung. These tracks are classic to dedicate to your friendship.

Aaya Mausam Dosti Ka

Duniya Machaye Shor

Mere Dildara Zara Sun

Mere Yaar Ko Mere Allah

Sun Sun Mere Yaar

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