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IPL 2020: Music will now co-exist in my life along with cricket - Chris Gayle

Whenever we talk about legends in the T20 format of cricket, no brownie points for guessing that the first name that will always be brought in the discussion by experts is the Caribbean swashbuckling striker, Chris Gayle. He is a superstar for cricket fans who love to see the cricket ball being smoked out of the park for effortless sixes and at the same time, he’s a forgettable nightmare for bowlers who simply don’t want to bowl to this ‘Gentle Giant’. The world has already seen enough of Chris Gayle with the bat and it’s now time to be entertained by Chris Gayle, the musician.

Chris Gayle recently collaborated with British-Indian singer Avina Shah for their single titled Groove and the world is certainly grooving to the beats of ‘Groove’. When we asked Chris Gayle about how much more of music can we see coming from his end in the near future, he said and we quote,

“Well, I am someone who doesn’t really like to have limits in life. No limits, is what I believe in. I love music and I am fun-loving by nature. I have recently got an entire music studio set up in my house and I will certainly be looking forward to making more songs to entertain the fans. I can happily say that music will now co-exist in my life along with cricket.”

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