The Indian Premier League is currently underway, marking its 17th edition. The tournament has been a delightful treat for cricket enthusiasts, featuring a parade of fresh faces showcasing their extraordinary talents on the field. The IPL boasts a perfect blend of seasoned cricketers with a flair for the dramatic, budding young stars with immense potential, and the raw talent eager to hone their skills. It is an event that never fails to entertain and inspire future generations of cricketing legends.

The IPL has become a platform for discovering new cricketing talents, no doubt, but the success of this annual cricketing spectacle also owes a great deal to the retired IPL specialists who have left an everlasting impact on the league’s history. Their sheer brilliance and exceptional performances over the years have made an indelible mark, which is hard to erase. These cricketers have become an integral part of the IPL’s legacy, and their contributions to the game are truly commendable.

So here is the list of legends who are missed after their retirement.

Chris Gayle

Widely regarded as one of the biggest superstars of the IPL tournament, Chris Gayle’s presence on the field has been nothing short of electrifying. He enthralled the audiences like no other player, with his exceptional batting skills and breathtaking shots. With a total of 6 IPL centuries, Gayle’s record-shattering 175 not out against the Pune Warriors in IPL 2013 remains a standout. It is hard to replicate his genius craft in the IPL field ever.

Suresh Raina

Fondly known as Mr IPL, Suresh Raina has been one of the topmost consistent performers in the IPL. He was a pillar for the Chennai Super Kings batting line-up and played an extremely crucial role at the No. 3 position in the batting order. He was MS Dhoni’s callout man and a valuable asset, who always delivered. Till the year 2019, Raina held the record for being the highest run scorer in IPL history.

Kieron Pollard

Pollard, a renowned all-rounder in the history of IPL, has left a mark on the tournament with his power-packed displays. His journey with Mumbai Indians has been inspiring. From 2010 to 2022, his services have only taken the team to richer heights of success. A very handy bowler too, Pollard could turn the game around with his skilful bowling just like he did with his exceptional batting. He will be remembered always!!

AB de Villiers

It is no overstatement to say that De Villiers was an absolute legend of the IPL. De Villiers found his true calling with the Royal Challengers Bangalore team and has remained the star player for them for many years. Though the franchise has never won the IPL, the cricket frenzy fans have always been entertained by De Villier’s heroics with the bat. He has left a lasting legacy as one of the ost exceptional batters in IPL history.

Shane Watson

Shane Watson is undeniably a cricketing powerhouse with an impressive record of nearly 4000 runs with the bat, and nearly 100 wickets taken with the ball. His sheer talent and versatility make him a valuable asset to an IPL team. He started his IPL journey with Rajasthan Royals and went to play a crucial role as a Chennai Super Kings opener.

Anil Kumble

An interesting fact about Kumble in IPL is that he played the first three seasons of the game. However, his wrist spin is talked about even now. His quickies and accurate spins were highly sought after. Kumble was one of the first wrist spinners to use this technique effectively in the early years of IPL.

Lasith Malinga

Malinga, the legendary fast bowler, has been associated with the Mumbai Indians cricket team for nearly 13 years now. Malinga has been an integral part of their success, helping them secure an impressive seven trophies across various leagues. A huge team player, Malinga will be remembered in the IPL history.

Dwayne Bravo

Bravo has etched his name in the history books as an impactful all-rounder of IPL history. His dictatorship at the game has been tremendous, and his legacy will be remembered for years to come. His contribution to the CSK team has been invaluable, and he remains a fan-favourite even today.

The IPL has witnessed several legends who have contributed significantly to this prestigious tournament. However, many of these players have now retired, leaving behind a void in the IPL. You can add to this list of ours.