When it comes to Indian Tennis, the first pair of heroes we can think of are Mahesh Bhupathi and Leander Paes. The two of them have literally been the first pair to put India on the global map when it came to tennis. The era of the 90s was literally dominated by them in the ‘Doubles’ format and no wonder the two of them managed to conquer against all odds and win multiple Grand Slams for the country in prestigious sporting events.

While they represented the country together as a pair for the longest time, the duo eventually had to call it quits as certain differences cropped up which couldn’t help them carry on as a team together. The split between the two was out in the open and for the longest time, it remained a mystery. However, that’s no longer the case as ZEE5’s latest offering, ‘Breakpoint’ is all set to see these two heroes relive their journey together and narrate their story to the entire world.

During a conversation with IWMBuzz, when Mahesh was asked about whether ‘off-court’ differences played an impact in their game, Mahesh was quoted as saying,

“Well, it’s perhaps quite natural to say so because there’s always a talk about real-life bonding being very important in any team sport. However, somehow Leander and I figured out a way to carry on with our business which was to do the best we could do representing our country while playing together. I won’t deny that everything was hunky-dory. Communication to an extent had dropped between us. But as I said, Leander and I never let out our ‘off-court’ differences affect our game while representing the country. We were on a mission to do the best we possibly could and that’s what we had done back then.”

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