Check out Ajinkya Rahane and his excellency in the international pitch conditions!

Ajinkya Rahane At His Best In International Pitch Conditions

Ajinkya Rahane, the Indian cricketer is one of the finest batsmen in the Indian squad. He scored an average run rate of 77.04 in 2007-08 first-class innings for Mumbai. He is best as a middle-order batsman for Tests and opening batsman for other tournaments. The player has scored a number of centuries and half-centuries in the international cricket. He has played a very vital role in the team’s win, in several matches. He is perfect for any Test matches to play, and has got an average of 42.88 in the Test.

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The player has done wonder in the international pitch condition. Ajinkya is one of the best Indian players who has got a very good score in the domestic ground. He played his Test on the foreign ground for the first time in India’s Test tour to South Africa in 2013-14. He made an excellent 209 runs in the Test tournament. Rahane has never disappointed his fans with his amazing stokes, even on the international pitches. He has made many records of the foreign pitches and made his team and nation proud. Be it a domestic pitch or an international one, his performance has always remained constant.

He is the first-ever batsman in international cricket history to be involved in 200 partnerships without being involved in a runout. Rahane has more such records in his list. One can never deny his skills and excellence in international pitch conditions.

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