Check out the adorable love story of the couple Ajinkya Rahane and Rashika Dhopavkar! See how childhood friends turned into married couples!

The Amazing Love Story Of Ajinkya Rahane And Rashika Dhopavkar

We all have heard of some romantic love stories in books and movies. They are really heart-warming. Even in real life, we have seen some adorable love stories in Hollywood and Bollywood. Even athletes have also got some adorable love stories to share. In Indian cricket, there are several love stories that are unknown to people, and one of them being the story of Ajinkya Rahane and Rashika Dhopavkar.

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Ajinkya Rahane is one of the finest middle-order batsmen present in the Indian team. He has done a great job on international grounds. But, do you want to know his motivator and supporter of his life since his very childhood? Yes, it’s none other than his childhood friend and his wife, Rashika Dhopavkar. It is believed by many that old school love stories don’t last for long. Well, then you are wrong, and this adorable perfect duo is a perfect example to change your mind. They belonged to the same neighborhood and spent most of their childhood together. They were really close to each other and had each other’s back. Ajinkya Rahane and Rashika Dhopavkar had completely two different temperaments. They mostly shared their time as friends and used to hang out together. Then they started dating, and their relationship was kept secret until their marriage.

It was 26 September 2014, when the childhood friends turned their relationship status as husband-wife. Their families arranged their marriage following all the Marathi traditions. They looked so adorable together. We have even got some pictures of them since their childhood days. Have a look at them!

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