Take a look at the most creative shots ever played in cricket history by these amazing players !!!

Ben Stokes, Steve Smith To T. Dilshan: Take A Look At Cricket’s Some Of The Best Walk-Away Cut-Shots

Cricket is a sport of talent and creativity, players are free to perform their trick shots on the field, some players have nailed every shot perfectly. It was a joy to watch Ricky Ponting execute the pull shot easily, very much like it was a treat to watch Saurav Ganguly crush the off-side field. Top players have consistently had the quality to pull off strokes simply how they are intended to be played. It takes simply pure talent to make cricketing shots, however, some shots are considered lucky shots. However, there have been rare sorts of people who have decided to appear as something else, consciously unfollowing the book since they needed to follow their senses. Inventive shots are tied in with speculation past all ideas to be viable.

In advanced times, Cricket has developed as a game and now we discover stunning innovativeness and dynamism, particularly in the batting division. The exceptionally cutthroat game has offered us profoundly imaginative chances; here are 10 that have developed during the new occasions.

Players like Glenn Maxwell, Dilshan, and other players have created their signature shots which are captured in the camera. Take a look at the amazing shots by these players!!!