A person who strives to become better even after being the best is certainly a role model…

Cristiano Ronaldo: Everyone’s Ideal Sportsperson

Only a handful of athletes in any sport can claim to match the longevity Cristiano Ronaldo has had at the highest level and for this reason, he can genuinely lay claim to being the greatest athlete in the history of professional sports. There is no doubt that Cristiano Ronaldo is neither the most naturally gifted nor most technically proficient player, a lot of his peers in his generation can comfortably beat him to that criteria.

However, what nobody can deny is that Ronaldo’s drive and self-belief are miles ahead of anyone else possibly in the history of football, as the Portuguese had set a goal for himself to be the best in the world right from a tender age, working his socks off to see his dreams become a reality. Despite having done everything achievable in football, Ronaldo continues to raise the bar high for himself, setting personal milestones for him to break and with his unmatchable drive to constantly raise the bar higher. He is known for his professionalism and punctuality. He is always the first one to arrive on the training ground. With the kind of success he has achieved, many people would have become indifferent about the surrounding things. But Ronaldo has his feet on the ground and is an exemplary figure for every upcoming sportsperson.

With an incessant drive to get better day in and day out, Ronaldo is the best ideal sportsperson.

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