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Cristiano Ronaldo rules our hearts in every aspect…

Cristiano Ronaldo is a king on and off the field

Often considered as the best player in the world and widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time, Cristiano Ronaldo is a legendary footballer. The defining virtue of his game is his ability to adapt. Starting from a wide midfielder, he began playing on wings to take advantage of his pace and stepovers. He then started that rare strategy of coming inward, from wings, to get to a striker position, rather than being a traditional Winger. This is why he has better goal figures than even the top strikers. Ronaldo can score a goal in the most difficult situation and is ruling the soccer world for almost two decades.

Ronaldo’s magic on the field is well known, however, his life outside the soccer ground is really lavish. Ronaldo owns some of the best automobiles and a stylish house. He is known for his luxurious vacations. With a net worth of around $450 million and endorsement deals with plenty of big-name brands, the Portuguese football star has it all. Although he has got it all, he has a big heart and donates a major chink of his earning to charities and underprivileged. He is one of the very few athletes to not sport a tattoo for the sake of blood donation.

Certainly, Ronaldo is a king in every way and is ruling like no other!

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